JPerfmeter - Java Performance statistics monitor

JPerfmeter is a simple performance statistics monitor in the style of perfmeter, full Java.

Note that JPerfmeter needs the rpc.rstatd daemon to be running on the system it's monitoring (available on Solaris systems and other various UNIX/Linux systems).


latest version : 1.4  (build 20070308)

Click here to launch it (requires Java Webstart)

Change Log


version 1.4 (2007/03)
- Output data to file (csv format)
- Refactoring
- source now included in the distribution

version 1.1  (2005/12)
- Scroll in the past
- Timeout / Unreachable host now visible

version 1 (2005/09)
- Bugs fixed
- Memory leak fixed

version 0.99 (2004/12)
- Vertical / Horizontal display
- Same scale across graphs
- Configuration management (load/save) Logo